Blog Guidelines

Hi, and thanks for choosing Uniquely for one of your sources of entertainment! We want you to review these guidelines for us to help establish a helpful, welcoming environment for site visitors everywhere.
We want to make the Uniquely Community a kind place, so don't use Uniquely to harass other people or post content that is deforming, inflammatory, or content that misleads people into thinking a real-life natural disaster is happening. This could cause a risk of harm and a sense of fear that we try to avoid on our platforms.
We try hard to regulate spam on our sites. Don't post content that is/does any of the following:

- Misleads people into thinking an important event is happening online. For example: "A big giveaway is being brought out on [e.g. social media site/app]!! Join and you could win $100!!!!! [phishy social media]
- Content that is posted by spam or pornography bots on a daily basis.

- Misleads people about voting (e.g. rights to vote, myths about a presidential candidate)

- Encourages people to click on a link sending them to pornography sites, unverified gaming sites, or other sites that may cause a bad impact to our visitors.
- Posting the same comment multiple times.
 - Clickbaiting people without knowledge of the site visitor.
- Scams that could cause loss of personal data from the site visitor. For example: "I gained $1,000 in a day!!! Click this link to see how you can win $1,000 instantly! [e.g. unsafe gambling]

Remember, this is a brief list of scams and deceptive practices that aren't allowed on Uniquely. If we see content that might violate this policy, we will immediately take it down.

Impersonating other people and/or copying an organization is not allowed. However, the impersonation policy does not apply to nicknames.

Violent content isn't allowed on Uniquely. The following are some examples of graphic content:
- Content made to shock or disgust site visitors. For example: "Watch this guy get killed in 5 seconds!" [dangerous violent]

- Content that promotes harmful activities (e.g. harmful pranks that cause disorders)
 - Content that encourages smoking or other similar habits
 - Content that encourages consumption of harmful drugs said to have a good effect.

Remember, this is a brief list of harmful activities that aren't allowed on Uniquely. We will take this type of content down within 48 hours.

We hope you took time to read the guidelines. They help keep a warm environment around Uniquely and our sites. You can use the reporting tool to help us find content that could violate the guidelines. Did you like this? You can submit feedback below.